5 Minute Lessons on the Kingdom of God
Why Teach Doctrine?
What Was the Message of Jesus?
Let's Get Our Message Straight
Are You a 'Know It All'?
Justification and Sanctification - God's Kingdom Rule!
Save Yourself!
Who Is Jesus Christ?
The Old & New Testament Concept of the Kingdom
The Ransom
If the Righteous Are Barely Saved!
I Found God & I Found the Devil in the Same Churches
When Jesus Brings Us Salvation
The Suffering Christian
Looking at a Passage That Is Hard to Understand
Erring from the Truth
Works or No Works?
I Give Unto Them Eternal Life; And They Shall Never Perish (John 10:28)
Thy Kingdom Come
"Believe" — Mere Credence. That's Hog Wash!
It's All Greek to Me!
The Way of Righteousness
The False Prophet and Teacher
I See Miracles Every Day!
The Old Man & the New Man
How Did We Get to This Place?
The Warnings of the Prophet!
Paul Reasoned with Them
God Is Not Schizophrenic!
What Is Presumptuous Sin?
Don't Read This! You Never Hear About It Anyway.
A Sad Day in My Life
Something Personal, Not Just a Theory!
Conscience and the Journey of Faith
The End Is Near
Bodily Exercise and Godly Living
Sex, Marriage, Food, & Drink
Why Do People Die?
There Is Something in the Bible the Devil Doesn't Want You to Know!
I Once Was Young & Now I'm Old
The Old Man & His Girlfriend
The Lady & Her Son Were Givers
The Christmas Angel
The Christmas Gift That Almost Ended In Disaster
Divine Appointments
Religion Without Kindness
Joy in the Box
I Saw Jesus at Walmart
Mom, You Can't Marry Him, He's Married!
The Divine Warrior
I Can't See! I Can't See!
Kingdom Preaching Comes With Power
The Gospel Goes to Africa
Does the Passage Reveal Jesus?
Death, Then What?
When Do We Die?
The Strength of a Covenant
What Is Propitiation?
I'm Hooked on a Feeling!
My Sanity Returned!
Do Angels Worship Angels?
Harry's Hardware
Can I Rake Your Leaves?
Looking for Power!
More lessons coming soon!
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