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This teaching was given at a Chicago Christian Conference where Don introduces the subject of Discipleship Evangelism, how it started, how it was developed and some of the fruit seen with one-on-one ministry.
The Lord never told us to make converts. He called us to make disciples. It is not true that some people are called just to have their sins forgiven and others to become disciples. Being a disciple is God's plan for every Christian. There is only one instance in all the New Testament where believers are called Christians. "Disciple" or "disciples," used 569 times in the New Testament, are the names attached to those who truly believed in Jesus. The Lord intended for us to produce disciples.

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The Christian life does not consist of becoming stronger and stronger, but rather becoming weaker and weaker, to the point of never relying upon our own resources again. God has not made provision for changing our life, but rather for exchanging His life for our weakness. This teaching contains some of the most important truths about living the Christian life that you will ever discover.
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This teaching defines the word "kingdom" and establishes that there is a spiritual kingdom which opposes the kingdom of God. Don expounds on the characteristics of this opposing kingdom and it's effects on the world.
Many denominational churches are re-evaluating the message being preached from the pulpit. Don examines how the message of the kingdom is effecting the modern day church.
The kingdom of God is the central theme of the Bible. This teaching reveals the message of the kingdom of God as the unifying factor of the Old and New Testament.
The kingdom of God is the central theme of the Bible. This teaching continues to reveal the message of the kingdom of God as the unifying factor of the Old and New Testament.
Most believers today do not have a complete understanding of the many titles of Jesus. This study defines words such as Messiah, Christ and Lord and reveals that these titles can be fully understood only within the context of the kingdom.
Is Salvation synonymous with the kingdom of God? Is the kingdom now or in the future? Don takes us through the scriptures in order to answer these questions and deepen and solidify our understanding of the many facets of the kingdom of God.
The message of the kingdom of God is the only teaching that brings justification and sanctification together. As believers, we have a responsibility to respond to this revelation. Don explains what should be the proper response to the kingdom message.
The Scriptures teach us to follow after love, to eagerly pursue after love, to make it our highest aim. But what is love? A warm feeling? A warm affection? Or something more? Most of us in the church today say I love you, but we do not demonstrate and prove our love with our actions. 1 John 3:18 says "...let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth." How can we live this out, in a practical way, that will allow God to show His love to others through us?
A tender message from Don Krow's heart about something very close to God's heart: marriage.

It was God who first noticed something lacking in His perfect creation; Adam needed a helper. When the Pharisees came to Jesus with a trick question about divorce, Jesus reminded them that marriage was God's idea, not man's. God designed marriage and gave it purpose and meaning.

God's original design for marriage was for the closest union between two people that's possible; described as the two becoming one. In His word, God actually talks about three kinds of marriage: marriage between a man and a woman, our marriage to Him and our marriage to the Law. As Don explains, the marriage relationship has spiritual counterparts. Everything we can say about a good marriage, one that's all God designed it to be, is a model of what our relationship with God should be.

This teaching offers meaningful insights into the dynamics of the marriage union and principles of love that can strengthen and bring hope to any marriage. A primer on relationships; its message about our union with God and love for one another is crucial for those who are single or married.
Everyone has a gift and function in Christ church. The church is the coming together to express Christ in His fulness by His body, through His Spirit and His gifts. God gives us grace and faith for us to minister to others. The goal is the church's edification.
God has always been in the people business. His heart has always been for the poor, the widows and the ministry. This teaching brings the balance back, and re-examines the Scriptures and our practices.
Don relates a time when the Krow family was struggling financially, but God met their needs time and time again. It was not because they sought God's blessings, but out of love they sought to be a blessing to others. Recorded in 1991 in Manitou Springs, Colorado.
We have all been hurt and have experienced rejection at one point in our lives. Rejection and our response to those that have hurt us can have a big impact on our lives for years to come. The vital power of forgiveness cannot be understated. Don gave this teaching while pastoring a small church in Oklahoma for a short time in the late 80's and shares some personal stories from his own life. Years later this teaching still conveys the powerful and necessary role of forgiveness in our lives.
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In Matthew 18 Peter asks Jesus "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus responds "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven." He then goes on to tell the parable of the unforgiving servant who refused to forgive even after a great debt had been forgiven of him. Even though so many of us are aware of the power and necessity of walking in forgiveness, how many times do we say with our mouth we forgive, but inside we pick up the offense and struggle to truly forgive from the heart?
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Have you noticed that some Bibles do not contain all the verses of Scripture that other translations have? As many as 5,337 deletions have been found in some Bibles. How do we explain this contradiction?
Today we have many translations that help us understand God's Word. Now here's a deep thought - Instead of studying a book about THE BOOK (the Bible), why not use the Bible itself.
Acts 26:1-29. Who was Paul? How did he become a Christian? When and how did he receive forgiveness of his sins? What was the message that he preached? What was his commission from Jesus Christ?
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