The Disabled Nurse
The Jill Reece Story
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Jill had been happily married just six months when she began a downward spiral of illness and despair. Here's what happened...

In 1997, at thirty-three years of age, Jill was eleven years into a wonderful career of nursing. She fell on an icy parking lot and two weeks later was suffering from severe pain that went into her hips, back, and neck. Three months later, she was diagnosed with a debilitating illness that affected every system in her body. Three months after that, she was disabled from nursing, mentally and physically. She was told it would continue to worsen and that it was "incurable!" From all the signs around her, life was over, but she knew strongly, deep down inside, that God did not want her like this. She decided in her heart that she was not going to give up. Though she had received Christ at a very young age, she didn't know that divine healing was available today.

The first year was torture. She and her husband kept praying that God would show them the answer to get their lives back or even something close to it. The process for finding her answers really started when she began reading the Bible in a way she never had before. She spent hours reading and wondering why she didn't see healings and miracles now as they were in the Bible. She knew God didn't love some more than others and that He would not hold anything back today, but she didn't understand how to receive this from God. However, in the process of reading and really focusing on the Word of God, she did regain her memory and ability to concentrate. She learned there is great power in focusing on the Word of God and not on the situation, good or bad. The more she read, the more she wanted to learn about God's Word and receive all God had for her. Eventually, Jill learned that those things she had read in the Bible were actually still happening. She understood that what Jesus did on the cross not only provided salvation for eternal life but also healing. What she had to do was receive her healing in faith from her heart, believing that it was already done through Christ Jesus. In July 2002, she was healed! The symptoms left and she began her new, healed life.

What God has done in Jill's life is possible for you and anyone who seeks Him. Are you going through tough times in your life? Maybe you're experiencing sickness, marriage problems, physical addictions, anger, alcohol, fear, or maybe you feel all alone. Whatever the situation, God cares about you and wants to intervene in your life.

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