I Liked the Way It Felt Getting Buzzed
The Rocky Forry Story
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At the age of 15, I smoked my first joint. I was intrigued by the way pot made me feel. As time went by, I kept a bag of dope on me wherever I went. First thing in the morning, I needed that rush to start the day. Throughout the day, I took hits to keep me "buzzed." This continued for 14 years. I told people that I could quit whenever I wanted to; I just didn't want to stop. When my baggie of drugs was low I became nervous and anxious. All I could think about was a way to get high. I couldn't relax until my drugs were replenished. If drugs like coke, hash, and mescaline were available, I could not resist them. I was in bondage.

Is your life a mess too? Do you have problems in your life that are stopping you from going forward? Would you like to just take some pills and end it all? Are you saying, "This is stupid. Why am I even reading this?" Continue to read, and you'll find out why.

One time, Dr. R.A. Torrey had a man come to him with this request: "I have come to you to see if there is any way to overcome my habits." As a young boy, he had made a profession of faith in Christ, but as he got older, he had gotten in with the wrong crowd. He could not break away from his addictions.

Dr. Torrey told him that he had only come to understand half the gospel - the gospel of the crucified Savior for the forgiveness of sins. But Jesus Christ is also a risen Savior and Lord. In Matthew 28:18, Jesus said that all power in heaven and in earth had been given to Him. Dr. Torrey said, "Now, will you trust the Lord to save you from the power of your sins?" The young man said that he would. Then he and Dr. Torrey knelt down together before the Savior. He confessed his addictions to the Lord, and trusted Him to be the power to resist these things. Some time later, Dr. Torrey received a letter from the young man, telling him how he had found constant victory by going to and trusting the risen Savior to deliver him.

My friend, I have been free from drugs for the last 17 years, and all because there is a living Christ.

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