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Dana's Corner
Welcome to Dana's Corner! This is a collection of written and audio material created by my wife Dana Krow.
The Proverbs 31 Woman
This is a wonderful poem, praising virtuous women. It also serves to instruct men in what to look for in a potential spouse. The woman described here is truly remarkable. While it is often assumed that women played a subservient role in the home and society of ancient Israel, this woman defies such description. Not only is she the manager of the household, she is also a shrewd business woman (and is praised for it). Such a woman should be treasured and honored.
Names of God - by Dana Krow
This booklet reveals the Names of God in Scripture, His Person, His Character and His Attributes.
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The Existence of God and the Humanity of Jesus
The contents of these booklets comes from "100 Bible Lessons" written and copyrighted by Dr. Alban Douglas, former missionary to China who died in 1996 in Canada.
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